Extended Support Timelines + More JDE News

“When we became part of Oracle, we set out to put in place a set of policies and commitments to you as our community so that you would have the confidence in [the products] as we look to the future… and I believe that we continue to keep those commitments.” -Lyle Ekdahl, COLLABORATE 2017


The Oracle JD Edwards product team has made a few key announcements recently. The first was regarding the new, extended support timelines for both EnterpriseOne and World. The second announcement explained the shift in the product team’s strategy to maintain the 9.2 code line. The third was a sneak peak at the new features of JDE 9.2.

Extended Support Timelines

Full support for World through 2025 and E1 through 2028: new 7+3 and 10+3 release models ensure long-term assistance and annual reviews for timeline extensions afterwards. Including bug fixes, legislative upgrades, and a fixed annual support fee, you’ll love how easy these improvements make your support experience. Learn more.

Consistent Code Line

The JDE team knows that companies don’t want major upgrades – they want to take software updates as needed for their business. To avoid disruptive upgrades, JDE EnterpriseOne will remain on the 9.2 code line for the time being – and consider a new code line (9.x) when and if it makes sense for the product and the users. This means that your operations, enterprise, and products will not be interrupted by a drastic update, but instead will improve under the same 9.2 code.

New Features, Including UX One Enhancements

Personalizing your Oracle dashboard has never been so easy. UX One delivers role-based content (including a new role for maintenance managers), form personalization, cross-application searches, and global search. Quickly and easily choose what you want to see on your dashboard and improve your experience with JD Edwards. Specialized management pages enable efficient payments and collections, as well as enhanced customer and supplier relationships. You’ll love the intuitive, real-time updates that help you reduce turnover times and costs.

Learn more about new JDE 9.2 features

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