8 Advanced JDE Support Topics (That Are Often Overlooked)

COLLABORATE17 Presentation By David Toal, Terillium

Current situation: You’ve gone live on Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, recently having completed an upgrade or a new implementation, and now you’re noticing signs that something isn’t quite right. How do you determine what is going on with your system – where do you start trouble shooting?

Read on for insights into three different advanced topics that are typically over-looked during testing. To learn the full eight topics, view the presentation below or contact us.

Are you at 100% CPU on JAS Servers?

If your users are experiencing slow and non-responsive behavior, or are unable to login, your webserver CPU could be running at or near 100%.

There are multiples causes for 100% CPU – users pulling large amounts of data, custom code heavy data calculations, standard code issues, tool release bugs, Weblogic Bugs (more common in Windows) – and for all of these there is one solution: restart the JAS server.

Another reason your server is at 100% CPU could be because the Java Garbage Collection is running non-stop. In a programming language like C, allocating and deallocating memory is a manual process. In Java, process of deallocating memory is handled automatically by the garbage collector. Learn more.

An infinite loop in your code could be another reason why CPU is running at 100%.

Are your backups crashing JD Edwards?

Do your users have trouble logging into JDE first thing in the morning (especially Monday morning) but not every Monday? When you look at the log files does it show network issues with lost connections? Does the problem happen at the end of the backup, not the beginning or during the backup?

Your backups could be crashing JDE. A few tips to prevent this:

  • Only do backups during slow to no activity times
  • Restart JDE after backups
  • Use database tools to do database backups

Do you know what is taking up your server space, and how to deal with it?

What is the largest table in your database? To find out, visit these resources

Other resolutions for large tables taking up your server space include: running JDE Purge Programs, implementing archiving solutions, and scheduling SQL scripts to clear outdated data.


About David Toal

David Toal runs Terillium’s Managed Services practice. His primary focus is working with Oracle JD Edwards customers to realize their vision. David’s JD Edwards career began in 1999 when he started working for JD Edwards as a CNC consultant for the Midwest region. He spent several years in Denver working in Global Advance Technologies and Development before returning to the field. David has also served as an IT Director for a manufacturing company, where he learned first-hand how to work through the challenges of keeping an ERP system up and running.