You Make It Happen: JD Edwards COLLABORATE18 Keynote

The theme of Oracle’s JD Edwards keynote session was “You Make It Happen” – as in how users are leveraging the latest features for innovation and optimization. The JD Edwards product team presented seven scenarios via live demos, including:

  • On-line work orders – form personalization allows users to create work orders to include all necessary information and actions in one place
  • Cloud-based regulatory reports use data already in JD Edwards to create and hand off reports while adhering to global regulations
  • Automated processes created in JDE Orchestrator are personalized using no extra code – reduces time spent entering data by hand
  • Processes are automated to make “smart” decisions based on pre-set rules
  • Users can receive notifications to alert them while logged out of JDE

The team’s demonstrations addressed how users can personalize their experience to better suit their business needs. Some of the applications featured included:

  • Orchestrator
  • Content Cloud
  • Process Cloud
  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Notifications
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts payable

Some of the most dynamic and forward-thinking JDE features are around system capabilities to make “smart” decisions. One example is the chatbot, which can be “taught” how to perform various functions, such as approving purchase orders. It can act as an assistant to the user, freeing up their time for other higher-level tasks.

JD Edwards chatbots can also be taught limitations. For example, when approving purchase orders, chatbots can be told not to approve anything with a cost higher than $1 million and will make the user aware of that limitation. The most advanced feature is that chatbots have two-way communication – users can speak to the chatbot like a human and it responds similarly. This function adds to the ease and usefulness of an artificial assistant, therefore making the process more efficient.

As “smart” technologies evolve, the JDE team is looking to the future. The product will continue to develop machine learning components in JD Edwards. The strategy is to let machines do what they can do best and empower users to maximize human capacity for innovation and creativity. Lyle Ekdahl, senior vice president for JD Edwards, said this concept is not too far away for the Oracle community.

“I believe this community will be the first to enjoy autonomous ERP,” he said. See the Full Keynote Presentation

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